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Residency programme in Luxembourg

Published 20 Oct 2020

The European Investment Bank (EIB) Institute is looking for emerging Polish artists and collectives to join the 2021 edition of its Artists Development Programme (ADP), a 6-8 week long residency programme in Luxembourg, under the mentorship of renowned Finnish photographer Jorma Puranen.

The call for applications targets ONE visual artist (aged less than 35) from Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Poland and Romania. The successful applicant will be provided with a living/working space in Luxembourg, together with a stipend for production and subsistence costs (100 EUR per day), a contribution towards production of EUR 500 at the beginning of the residency and a success fee of EUR 1 000 at the end of the residency, provided a work has been created. Click here to learn more about the call.


The deadline for applying is 10 January 2021 at midnight (GMT+1). For more information about the programme visit our website.

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