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RECTOR'S ANNOUNCEMENT from 15 April 2021

Published 08 Apr 2021

on changing the working mode of the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław to remote working mode

Dear Students, Doctoral Candidates,

Dear Lecturers and Employees of ASP,

in view of the worsening epidemic situation in the country and the tightening of restrictions by the government, we inform you that from 19 April at 6.00 a.m. to 26 April at 6.00 a.m:

1. Teaching assignments, both as elective and non-directive courses, for all full-time, part-time and postgraduate students shall be transferred to online mode using information technology and tools contained in MS Office 365. 2.

2. Individual work of students, doctoral students and lecturers in laboratories and workshops shall be suspended.

3. Academic staff, students, doctoral students, and non-academic staff are strictly forbidden to be present on the premises of the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (except on duty).

4. The Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans, the Chancellor, the Quaestor, the Vice-Chancellor and the Head of the Department of Study Organisation have unlimited daily and temporary access to the Academy by virtue of their functions.

5. Students and doctoral students living in the dormitory of the Academy are requested to leave the dormitory during the suspension of classes. No fee will be charged for this period. If you are forced to stay at the DS due to the distance of your return, Erasmus students and foreigners, please report this to the administration of the dormitory and follow the instructions of the staff.

6. Academic staff and non-academic staff (other than those on duty) carry out their duties remotely, i.e. from their place of residence.

7. Persons on duty at the Academy are informed that access to the Academy will be possible only through the main gatehouse at pl. Polskie 3/4 and the gatehouse in the CSU.CI building at ul. Traugutta 19/21.

8. On-call duty will be established by the immediate supervisors for the following day/week with the proviso that there will be at least one employee from each administrative department.

9. The duty rosters referred to in points 3 to 6 will be drawn up by administrative managers and given to the Vice Chancellor within the deadline set by him.

10. All ASP employees are informed that the period of remote working is not a period of additional leave, but normal working time, subject to the change of the place of work.

11. Employees performing their duties remotely, i.e. from their place of residence, shall remain at the disposal of their employer during working hours.

12. Official duties are to be carried out using ICT tools.

13. All official correspondence with staff members must be carried out by electronic business mail or telephone.

14. In cases of emergency, documents may be forwarded to the porter's lodge in a sealed envelope bearing the name and organisational unit of the employee to whom the envelope is addressed.

15. In connection with the Academy's obligation to send a daily report on the effects of COVID-19, an obligation is introduced for all departments dealing with staff, students and postgraduates to provide information in the form of an email on quarantine, isolation, being in hospital with suspected infection and information on infection. This information should be forwarded to the following address: on an ongoing basis but no later than every Monday by 12.00 noon - including holidays, and we remind you that you can contact us by telephone 794-109-122.

16. The Academy employees, students and doctoral students are obliged to follow the information published on the Academy's website and sent by e-mail on a regular basis.

17. The Regulation shall enter into force on the day of its signing with effect from 19 April 2021 at 6.00 a.m. to 26 April 2021 at 6.00 a.m. inclusive.

18. Staff duties will be held between 8.00 am and 3.00 pm.

19. All issuance of passes concerning entry to the premises of the Academy shall be suspended.

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