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Meeting with Jatun Risba

Published 20 Feb 2024

Join us for a meeting with Slovenian artist Jatun Risba.

The meeting will take place on Thursday 22 February at 4pm, at Studio 007, Pl. Polski.

Plakat Jatun Risba


Jatun Risba (they, them) is a migrant transmedia performance artist from Slovenia. Risba’s work is informed by their lived experience of radical self-healing from Multiple Sclerosis (2012-2019) through unleashed dancing in public spaces (“dances of urgency”), guerrilla artistic interventions and a practice of different bliss-inducing techniques. Their art specifically draws on ecofeminist art, performance art, conceptual art, relational art and the artistic practices of abjection, détournement, art intervention and happening. More at,@jatunrisba_sensoryecology


My art research is inspired by the world’s wisdom traditions, such as Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism and Slovene pre-Christian religion, and explores deviant uses of contemporary technologies, such as mobile phones, WiFi internet, AI and microcomputers. Performative ritualism is used as a vehicle for unveiling the poetry and magic within everyday reality, in order to re-pair modernist divisions between Body and Mind, Nature and Culture, etc. Collaboration with other human, non-human and more-than-human entities is central to my art. It allows me to challenge and transcend personal echo-chambers for the sake of creating works that expand the view and add flash, weight and layers of complexity to the atomized experiences of the real. My practice grows reciprocity and kinship between species by expanding human sensory and cognitive awareness through physical and mental training. Art becomes a tool to spark social change and transpersonal healing by opening new ways of inhabiting our inner & outer territories.

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