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Italian Design Experience

Published 13 Oct 2023

As part of our university's cooperation with the Poliarte Accademia di Belle Arti e Design, two students from the Faculty of  Interior Architecture, Design and  Stage - Mateusz Frąszczak and Anna Wojciechowska - took part in this year's workshop, held in September in Ancona.

Video summarizing the project 

Our students, thanks to a collaboration between the universities, took part in this cross-cultural project organized by the Poliarte Design Academy in Ancona, Italy and fully sponsored by the Visegrad Fund. The project was designed to explore the many different aspects of Italian design and manufacturing that takes place in the Marche.

18 design and applied arts students from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, France and Slovakia participated in 2-week online courses and a 2-week in-person stay in Ancona to discover how the scientific and specific methodology of the Italian design process can address the current regional and social needs of V4 students. 

The 2-week online course plus a 2-week on-site course in Ancona - with two different majors in Product Design | Interior Design or Fashion Design | Accessories - provided a unique opportunity to discover how the methodology of the Italian design process can respond to current global and social needs.

Italian Design Experience

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The project is implemented within the framework of the International Visegrad Fund.

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