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Published 25 May 2021

The next edition of the international project presenting works by artists and lecturers from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Massey University and E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design.

The exhibition was first presented in 2019, in Detroit, at Cranbrook Academy and curated by Elizabeth Dizik. The next iteration of the project took place in February 2020, at the Wrocław BWA, and was curated by Sarah Epping and Aleksandra Trojanowska. Finally, from 23 April to 20 May 2021, the exhibition was on view at the College of Creative Arts Toi Rauwharangi at Massey Univerity (curated by Angela Kilford, Lisa Munelly).


It is sight that dominates the other senses. Not just when we're interacting with art - over every aspect of our lives. It is so important to us that life without it seems impossible to many. How and when do we experience the unseen? To answer this question we have invited educators from art schools in New Zealand, the United States and Poland to create together the Invisible space. We want to remind the viewer that art is never just an image hanging on a museum wall," say curators Sarah Epping and Aleksandra Trojanowska. - It is also an invisible reaction that takes place between the viewer, the artist and their work. This elusive emotion fills the space between the three.

The exhibition consists of, among others, video and sound installations, artistic prints, performances, animation, as well as site-specific objects - all works will talk about experiencing immateriality. The artists have used, among other things, microscopic objects, digital distortions, invisible inks, smells or shadows. And it is this attempt to move the viewer through various media, techniques and intentions that will be a way to experience the exhibition beyond the visual.

artists: Kerry Ann-Lee, Emmy Bright, Zuzanna Dydra, Sarah Epping, Danny Greenberg, Natalie Hou, Aga Jarząb, Lee Jensen, Jakub Jernajczyk, Cooper Holoweski, Angela Kilford, Jun Li, Sebastian Łubinski, Paulo Marino, Lisa Munnelly & Simon Eastwood, Henry Newell, Jason O'hara, Pawel Puzio, Marcin Rupociński, Aleksandra Trojanowska, Anna Trojanowska, Maja Wolińska

Cranbrook Academy of Art (Detroit, USA), Massey University (Wellington, Nowa Zelandia), The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and DEsign in Wroclaw.

Images courtesy of Cheska Brown

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