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Help for Ukraine

Published 02 Mar 2022

So far, in solidarity with Ukraine:

  1. The Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts has decided to provide about 50 places for refugees from Ukraine in buildings belonging to the Academy (in the center in Luboradov; in an apartment on Ks. Witolda Street; and in the dormitory).
  2. The Department of Student Organization has started recruiting volunteers who want to engage in Ukrainian language translation.
  3. We published a list of recommended reliable financial collections for Ukraine on our website.
  4. Student Government, on the initiative of Ms. Urszula Gołasz, conducts a collection of bandages, diapers and long-term food on the Academy premises (at the entrance to the pl. Polski building).
  5. We are preparing an exhibition, a concert and the sale of works by artists connected with the Academy in the EXIT gallery (this coming Friday and Saturday), all proceeds from which will be donated to the Polish Humanitarian Action.
  6. AWWiS students are working on weaving camouflage nets for the defenders of Ukraine; We are preparing to conduct art classes and workshops with children from Ukraine coming to Wroclaw.
  7. The Ukrainian flags are hanging on Academy buildings and the porjections of art by Ukrainian artist is being shown on CSU.CI.
  8. Additionally, our employees are also engaged in individual and direct help for those in need, offering transportation, housing and financial support for Ukraine and its people.

We would also like to inform you that a Team for Assistance to Ukraine has been appointed at our Academy by the Rector. The coordinator of the team's activities is the head of the and International Relations and Promotion Department - Aleksandra Zaczek Gbiorczyk.

Therefore, if you plan to organize any activities in this area, please contact the Department  - or phone: 515 427 608. 

We encourage you to join our activities! Together we can do more! 

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