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Glass Vision Online

Published 12 Oct 2020

The exhibition Glass Vision Online is a meeting of young glass adepts, students, Ph.D. students, graduates of the Glass Department of the Wroclaw Academy.

The vision of glass is a confrontation of students and professional artists, who share a passion for research and experimentation.The exhibition is open and presents works of art commenting on topics that are current for artists. The vision of Glass talks about processes, emotions, experiences of the world, and the material itself. We show the subjects that interest, move, and inspire us. All the issues present in contemporary art are also shared by a group of glass artists, who tell their vision through a selected medium. Different techniques, experimentation, and exploration of technology is a common denominator for the stories presented at the exhibition.We talk about the synergy of man and nature, about movement, growth, design and craftsmanship and its contemporary interpretation, about listening to man, about his weaknesses and strength, about traveling and learning, about metaphors of associations and meanings, emptiness and loneliness that we can tame. We follow the intimacy and communication between people, commenting on the current world, street art, and social issues. We touch the aesthetics and phenomena belonging only to the matter of glass, we experience transparency, the magic of fire and light, illusions of optics, color, and monochrome, we operate the medium of glass remaining, however, in the circle of recognizable disciplines of graphics, painting, sculpture, and design. We create in micro and macro scale, objects, installations, and objects. We show images, phenomena, and situations...On the Glass Vision on-line 2020 website you can follow our next entries, cyclical presentations of artists, interviews and stories about Our Vision of Glass. We invite you to reflect and comment.
Initiator: dr Agnieszka Leśniak Banasiak / The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Arts and Design in WrocławCollaboration: Natalia Komorowska ASP Wrocław / The Museum Karkonoskie in Jelenia Góra

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