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Communication from the Library

Published 10 Nov 2020

In accordance with new regulation on the introduction of certain restrictions, orders and prohibitions

Until November 29, 2020 our Library:

- suspends the borrowing of library collections outside;

- does not accept returns (exceptions for people in urgent need to close library account: return by post);

- provides services remotely (by e-mail and telephone) in the field of: consulting in the selection of literature, looking for alternatives to unavailable titles, providing access codes to databases, scans of selected fragments, remote records, e-mail settlement of library accounts.


As part of the library's needs and staff capacity, orders for selected scans of magazine articles and short excerpts from books will be carried out. Pleace, contact us

Registration of new readers

Registration of new readers is via by INTEGRO library and information system without contact with readers. In order to register in the system, it is necessary to fill in the form on the library catalogue website It is necessary to agree for the Library to contact the Reader by e-mail and telephone. Verification of the data will take place through student lists downloaded from relevant Deans's Office. There is no need to visit us in person, as you will be informed by us via email when the account becomes active. Circulation settlements

Persons wishing to settle the liability card in the Library are asked to settle this matter by e-mail:

The following documents should be attached to the e-mail (they can be filled in by computer):

1. circulation card Appendix no. 7 CIRCULATION CARD


a) the preferred option - not providing the diploma thesis, the date of submission of the thesis is not required for the needs of the Library - then you can settle accounts with the library without contact.

You will receive a return e-mail about the lack of obligations towards the Library.

People who have borrowed books or magazines are asked to send them by post to the library's address. Settlement will be possible after going through the books / magazines for a 3-day quarantine.

Database access codes

At the reader's e-mail request (, We provide access codes to the EBSCO and IBUK Libra databases.

We also recommend using resources commonly available on the Internet. List of e-resources for download

Agata Ceckowska


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