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Tyszkiewicz Przemysław

Professor Przemysław Tyszkiewicz

prof. Przemysław Tyszkiewicz

Faculty of Graphics and Media Art

Department of Printmaking

Intaglio Studio

Subjects taught


    Diploma Studio

    Doctoral Programme Studio

In 1990 he graduated from the State Higher School of Visual Arts in Wrocław (at present the Academy of Art and Design). He received a diploma for his work performed in the Graphic Design Studio under the supervision of Professor Jan Jaromir Aleksiun and in the Printmaking Studio under the supervision of Professor Halina Pawlikowska.

Printmaking above all!

The need to convey and reproduce information, especially information contained in images, is the main driving force of civilization. The development of new printmaking techniques constituted significant steps in its development. Woodcut, copperplate, etching, lithography, screen printing, publishing until the digital revolution in the broadest sense of the word with all its variants are the unquestionable backbone of human progress. I could not help but board this magnificent express of pictorial cultural history, occupying and perfecting one compartment, i.e. INTAGLIO.

Awards and scholarships

2002 – ZPAP Award at the Competition of Printmaking and Drawing of the Lower Silesian Community, Wrocław

2001 – Award Prize at the International Biennial of Small Printmaking Forms and Ex-libris, Ostrów Wielkopolski

1999 - Special Award at the M. Pruzi International Biennial of Printmaking, Lubin

1998 – First Daniel Chodowiecki Award of the Gunter Grass Foundation, Berlin

1994 - Second Award at the National Printmaking Review, Wrocław


2018 – Tyszkiewicz 18, individual exhibition, MIA Art Gallery Wrocław

2006 – Blumen der Nacht, individual exhibition, Pokusa Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany

2006 – Tyszkiewicz, individual exhibition, Kongresshaus Zurich, Switzerland

2005 – Tyszkiewicz, individual exhibition, Main Room of the Municipal Museum in the Town Hall, Wrocław

2000 – Tyszkiewicz, individual exhibition, Bram Hobro Gallery, Denmark.


2018 – SGCI Conference in Las Vegas, USA

2012 - Second National Conference of Polish Printmaking Communities in Dłużewo

2004 – International Printmaking Conference , Andalusia, Spain

2002 – International Printmaking Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece

2001 – Printmaking Conference – Intaglio Printmaking, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk


2018 – Tyszkiewicz 18, Cracow-Wrocław, published by All The Art, 80 pages (Polish-English)

2015 – The Cosmos of Copperplate Engraving, published by Oficyna Wydawnicza ATUT, 270 pages

2008 – Tyszkiewicz in Copper, published by Museum of Copper in Legnica, 62 pages, (Polish-English)

2005 – Przemysław Tyszkiewicz Grafika/Printmaking, published by Municipal Museum of Wrocław, 160 pages, (Polish-English)

2003 – Przemysław Tyszkiewicz Grafika/Printmaking, published by Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki Zdrój, 30 pages (Polish-English)