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Rusicka Irmina

Assistant professor Irmina Rusicka

ass. tutor Irmina Rusicka, MFA

Faculty of Graphics and Media Art

Department of Media Art

Multimedia Space Creation Studio

Subjects taught

    Functioning in the Area of Art

Educational background

    Since 2018 – Interdepartmental Doctoral Studies, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław

    2015 – 2017 Media Art, Academy of Art and Design Wrocław, second level Master's study programme, diploma with distinction in the studio of Prof. Ryszard Jędroś, assistant dr Paweł Lisek

    2016 – 2017 MOST programme at the Faculty of Media Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, studios of Krzysztof Wodiczko, Grzegorz Kowalski, Roman Woźniak

    2014 – 2016 Full-time Doctoral Studies in Psychology, University of Wrocław

    2009 – 2014 Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in Humanities, University of Wrocław, Master's degree in Psychology

I think of art as a critical cognitive method, providing an opportunity to experiment and do things that would be difficult to name or even think about within other fields. I see the field of art as a space where useful tools can be developed to bring about changes in ways of thinking and to expand social and political imagination.

I work individually as well as together with Kasper Lecnim. In my artistic practice, I have collided cars ("For fear of extinction", 2018), turned a cartwheel on the grounds of the Mausoleum of Soviet Soldiers ("In blizzards the sun of freedom shone on us", 2017), or raised money to drill a hole in an art institution ("Beauty Mark", 2019). The range of themes and forms of expression stems from my interest in creating works related to context, place and time of display.

Awards and scholarships

2021 – Jerzy Grotowski Scholarship, Wrocław Academic Centre 2020 – Artistic Scholarship of the President of Wrocław

2019 – Wrocław Drawing Triennial, a distinction

2019 – WARTO Award, Gazeta Wyborcza

2018 – Finalist in the Gray House Foundation Competition


2021 – Naked Nerve. Studio of Mistress: Joanna Rajkowska, group exhibition, BWA Wrocław Główny, Wrocław, Poland 2020 – The New Dictionary of Old Ideas, group exhibition, MeetFactory, Prague, the Czech Republic
2020 – Warsaw in Construction 12. Something Common, Museum of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland
2018 – From Fear of Extinction, individual exhibition (together with Kasper Lecnim) Szara Gallery, Katowice, Poland
2017 – 8th Triennial of the Young, group exhibition, Centre of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko, Polska

Conferences 2020 – Censorship Strikes Back & Other Tales, title of presentation: The Civic Forum for Contemporary Art, online conference, organiser: Spolek Skutek, artyč
2019 – How are cultural identities constructed? Power and exploitation in new capitalist societies, title of presentation: Monuments and anti-monuments in Central and Eastern Europe, CentroCentro, Madrit, Spain
2019 – There is no fascism in Poland, panel: Anti-fascist Art, Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw

Artist residencies
2020 – artist residency in MeetFactory, Prague, the Czech Republic

2019 – artist residency at Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia

2019 – artist residency at Hablar En Arte and CentroCentro, Madrid, Spain

2018 – artist residency at the Szara Gallery in collaboration with the Silesian Museum, Katowice, Poland


2020 – The New Dictionary of Old Ideas, edited by Luca Kvočáková and Piotr Sikora, MeetFactory, o.p.s. Artist-in-Residence Program & Trafostacja Sztuki w Szczecinie 2020 – Studio of Socially Engaged Art "Rewiry" – catalogue 2015-2019, Society for Cultural Education in Lublin
2019 – Spolia in the works of Polish contemporary artists. Mini-catalogue, "Economic epitaphs - Julita Wójcik catalogue", edited by Natalia Cyrzan, Ola Halicka, Institute of Urban Culture in Gdańsk