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Lisek Paweł

Assistant professor Paweł Lisek, PhD

Head of the Department of Media Art

In 2008 he graduated from the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, majoring in Painting.

"With the common nervous system and senses of the world population now in the care of satellites, and with machines approximating the condition of mind and the minds of humans connecting across time and space, the future can and should be more a matter of choice than of destiny." Derrick de Kerckhove, Connected Intelligence – this sentence encouraged me to explore the digital art world and greatly shifted the importance of artistic intuition and sensitivity towards decision. My experiments with digital tools, analysis of gps data, painterly experiments of creating scores and sound compositions aimed at changing the learned perception - these were decisions. In my opinion, working with the digital medium forces an analytical approach to all the available values that an artist can use. The strategy I have chosen focuses on the properties of the basic unit of a digital image – the pixel. Only when one knows the values of objects, one can freely manipulate, create and fully explore them. As a result of this approach, I make various types of installations, audiovisual performances and concerts exploring the contact between the image and sound, and my designer's passion and search for unusual solutions, image sounds and sound tones have also led me to create conceptual hybrid instruments. My work often takes the form of working in larger ensembles, collaborating with orchestras, composers, musicians to create multimedia events and concerts.

Awards and scholarships

2011 – Rector's Award of the second degree for organisational achievements, Academy of Art and Design Wrocław

2009 – Award of the Institute of Drawing, the National Student Drawing Exhibition, Toruń

2008 – First and Third Award in the International Danfoss ArtAward Competition, Denmark

2007 – First Award in the Dialogue competition, category: Painting, Academy of Art and Design Wrocław


2021 – X Musica Electronica Nova // Rituals, video, direction, stage design, Carte blanche concert of the Computer Composition Studio of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław, Poland

2020 – Exemplary Exhibition, participation in a collective exhibition and individual performance focusing on music and mathematics M=M, Entropia Gallery, Poland

2013 – Lutosławski / Field of Vision - Field of Hearing - interactive visualisations, participation in the Avatar project with Adam Bałdych and Paweł Hendrich, Centre for Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu Toruń

2011 – To save from oblivion - Witold Szalonek and his sounds combined with the Sound Factory Orchestra, interactive visualisations to music, series of concerts, Berlin, Görlitz, Wrocław

2008 – Transcodingdata imaging, individual exhibition, MOS Gallery of the Most Modern Art, Gorzów Wielkopolski


2009 – National Drawing Conference of Artistic Universities and Institutes The Presence of a Line – the Starting Point. On drawing as an independent artistic discipline, Impulses of the City lecture, Wrocław

2010 – International Integrative Artistic Workshops ARTETHERAPY, lecture: Painting and art therapy, Rybnik, Poland


The presence of a line – the starting point. On drawing as an independent artistic discipline, catalogue accompanying the exhibition and the National Drawing Conference of artistic universities and institutes Wrocław, text: Impulses of the City, published by Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław