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Frąckiewicz Paweł

Professor Paweł Frąckiewicz

prof. Paweł Frąckiewicz

Chairperson of the Election Committee of the Faculty of Graphics and Media Art (2020-2024)

Faculty of Graphics and Media Art

Department of Printmaking

Studio of Lithography and Printmaking Promotion

Subjects taught


    Fundamentals of Printmaking

In 1982 he graduated from the State Higher School of Visual Arts in Wrocław (at present the Academy of Art and Design).

I want the images of nature based on motives observed in nature to become also images of the image's character. In my search, I avoid the route of traditionally understood synthesis and analysis, and I choose the option of variants which allows me to give attention to each situation individually. In the contour-controlled matter, I trigger the process of its permanent condensing that leads to the state of boiling. The contour is only a sketch, and the completed work is a study for further works.

Awards and scholarships

2019/2020 – Honorary Distinction in the 2nd International Lithographic Competition LITHO-Kielce

2005 – Award of the Mayor of the City of Pilsen in the 5th Biennial of Drawing

1989-1990 – Scholarship of the US Department of State at the Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque

1985 – Award in the drawing category of The Way and the Truth National Biennial of Young Art, Wrocław


2019 – Things That Are Not, individual exhibition, Elektrownia Gallery of Contemporary Art, Saturn Museum, Czeladź

2019 – Memory of the Future, individual exhibition, Krakauer Turm Gallery, Nuremberg (Germany),

2019 – Robinson's Ship, Museum of Architecture, Wrocław, 2019

2010-2018 – Polish Printmaking, collective exhibition, Tianjin (China), Seoul (Korea), Delhi (India), Porto (Portugal), Wałbrzych, Wrocław

2008 – Format of Drawing, individual exhibition, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice


2007 – Impact 5 – International Printmaking Conference Slices of Time, Graphical Garden, Tallin (Estonia)

2010 –The 6th International Lithographic Symposium Tidaholm, Litografiska Akademin, Workshop demonstrations - special techniques in lithography on stone, Tidaholm (Sweden)


2012 – Pamięć przyszłości/The Memory of the Future, languages: Polish/English, p. 224, published by The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław

2012 – Paweł Frąckiewicz Stan wrzenia/The Seething State, languages: Polish/English, p. 64, published by BWA Kielce, © Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Faculty of Graphics and Media Art

2012 – Printmaking and Education. Polish Academies of Art, © Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow 2012, languages: Polish/English, p. 160, (p. 76)

2012 – COLOUR IN PRINTMAKING 7th International Printmaking Triennial Toruń 2012, © Wozownia Art Gallery in Toruń, languages: Polish/English; p. 35, (p. 96)