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Supervisor in the Doctoral School

prof. Łukasz Huculak

Faculty of Painting, Painting and Sculpture Department, Painting Studio

Biographical note

Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture, the Bavarian Government and non-governmental organizations. Awarded of the Contemporary Painting Festival in Szczecin and the "Bielska Jesień" Festival. A member of the Wrocław Academy of Young Scholars and Artists and the Artistic Council of the Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts. Head of doctoral studies, sometimes a curator, publishes texts on art. He edited several exhibition catalogs and the volume Excess and Lack. He spent art residencies in Munich, Knoxville, Paris and Palermo. Interested in vanitative iconography, destructive aesthetics and non finito. Author of 50 individual exhibitions on corporeality, mortality, the natural environment, witchcraft trials and modernism.


  1. curator of the project The What is Not, Wrocław Contemporary Museum (29.06-24.09.2018), city gallery BWA Bydgoszcz (09.11. 2018 - 02.2019)
  2. solo exhibition Heliotropie, Galerie Crous, Paris, France (curator: Lola Grunwald 17.12-28.11.2019)
  3. solo exhibition La force des plantes, Musee des arts et metiers, Paris, France (02.03-03.04.2020)
  4. project Deep into painting (with Jadwiga Sawicka), National Museum in Wrocław, National Museum in Przemyśl, (March-August 2021)
  5.  solo exhibition Mimicry,
 Museo D'Aumale, Terrasini
, Italy, 26.03. 2022 – 25.04. 2022, curated by: Avignon

Language of consultations
Polish, English

Characteristic of the projects and research in which the PhD student is to be subsumed

1. Redefinition of the attitude to the corporeality and mortality in the context of posthumanism and trans-humanism.

2. Redefinition of the attitude to the natural environment in the context of Climate Change (Heliotropie, La force des plantes, The What is Not, Science-Fiction).

3. The potential of visual means in storing and processing knowledge in the aspect of image, language and symbol relations, experimental cropping, combining figurative and abstract effects, the use of destruction and unconventional substrates, painting procedures and tools.

Characteristic of didactic cooperation between the supervisor and the PhD student

Knowledge and skills enabling the initiation and implementation of individual and group art projects.