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Supervisor in the Doctoral School

dr hab. Magdalena Grzybowska

Faculty of Sculpture and Art Mediation, Department of Sculpture and Saptial Activities

Biographical note

Born in 1976. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. In 2000, she obtained her MFA diploma in sculpture studio (supervisor prof. Alfreda Poznanska). In artistic activity, she refers primarily to spatial phenomena that is not limited to the concept of sculpture as an object. She includes sculptural objects as well as film, photographs, lighting phenomena, situations, gesture, sound and movement in her projects. She uses a variety of materials: steel, ceramics, textiles, glass, water. She carries out an open artistic and research project 'Sculpture and stage phenomenon'. In 2011, she obtained a doctoral degree, and in 2018 habilitation in the discipline of fine arts. From 2006 she is a researcher and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.

implemented artistic projects:

Sculpture and place

Sculpture and stage phenomenon

Spatial body

implemented exhibition and artistic projects (in cooperation with other artists and institutions):

Hallo Wroclaw / exhibition cycle (2011-2016)

It is, it was, it will be International Art Symposium (2017-)

Outdoor Sculpture Workshop in Pleszew (2010-)

implemented cycles:

Time is nothing




  1. Belongings, June 2015, Szaberland 13. Art Review SURVIVAL Prohibited acts, Barracks of Police Prevention Departments, Wrocław, POLAND;
  2. Outline, December 2015, IMAGINE, Think Tank Lab Triennale International Festival of Contemporary Drawing, National Museum in Wrocław, participation in the festival (presentation of work);
  3. Rehearsal, January 2018, realized as part of the Sculpture and stage phenomenon project, Jerzy Grotowski Institute, Wrocław, POLAND;

Ingrowth, March 2020, individual exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery BCK, Brzeg Opolski, POLAND;

Organisation / artistic research:

  1. The International Art Symposium It was, is and will be - co-organization, participation, implementation of works.

Language of consultations

Polish and English

Characteristic of the projects and research in which the PhD student is to be subsumed

Cooperation with a PhD student will include a study of spatial relations, and therefore will concern:

creating and researching object-place relationships; spatial relationships between objects and other phenomena - also non-material (sound, light); observing the relationship between created situations and the perception and reflection of the recipient / viewer / participant.

As for the thematic scope, these activities are to concern issues of doctoral student's interest, and will be implemented through the use of sculpting, drawing - intermedia techniques - including the border (common territories) of visual arts and other fields of art (e.g. theater) or science.

Characteristic of didactic cooperation between the supervisor and the PhD student

The expected competence of a doctoral student is therefore openness to experiment and cooperation with other artists / scientists / institutions, including those operating in the field of non-artistic disciplines. Openness to expanding the scope of research towards interdisciplinary assumptions.

The scope of work will include developing researcher’s own workshop and visual / conceptual language based on the technical capabilities offered by the studios of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław with the substantive support of the supervisor and specialists indicated by the doctoral student.

A PhD student should have skills in the field of sculpting and drawing due to the type of classes conducted with students as part of compulsory teaching practice.