Design Department

Department of DESIGN

Full-time studies                    BFA studies and MFA studies
Part-time studies                   MFA studies 

Full-time studies:
Head of the Department: ac. prof. Piotr Jędrzejewski

The training program is based on two modules – core subjects and supplementary subjects from related fields. Students are taught to respond to the needs of the design industry while being equipped wide range of skills and knowledge covering areas from humanistic studies to well-balanced general knowledge studies. Training is conducted according to the curriculum of the Department of Design and the program of the Design Studios. Much effort is placed to address topics relevant to product design under different structures and functions. Those include a wide area of design, from design of modes of transport, design of visual communications of complex information structures, packaging design, design of tools and work environment, designing of everyday objects, jewelry and kinetic design objects.

The undergraduate level focuses on practical approach to design, complemented by artistic creation, the background knowledge of design and general knowledge.

At graduate level, focus shift to more concrete problems of design and artistic expressions and includes a research component. All of the above provide for well-rounded skills necessary when dealing with formulation and solving design problems. The department strongly encourages lifelong learning and awareness of human sciences, when pursuing the quest of making art.

Product Design Studio
ac. prof. Włodzimierz Dolatowski; ass. prof. Tomasz Gacek, PhD;
ass. tutor Renata Wites, Przemysław Wańczyk, MFA

Means of Transport Design Studio
ass. tutor Wojciech Wesołek, PhD, ass. tutor Katarzyna Bech

Visual Communication Design Studio
ac. prof. Mieczysław Piróg, ass. prof. Marta Płonka, PhD;
ass. tutor Jarosław Kowalczyk

Tools and Work Environment Design Studio
prof. Jan Kukuła; ass. tutor Krzysztof Kubasek;
ass. tutor Wiktoria Lenart

Jewelry Studio
ac. prof. Agata Danielak-Kujda, Agata Nartowska, MFA, Giedymin Jabłoński, MFA

Kinetic Design Studio
ac. prof. Piotr Jędrzejewski; ass. tutor Piotr Stocki,  ass. tutor Ada Brożyna

Part-time studies:
Head of studies - ass. prof. Marta Płonka, PhD

Part-time studies are not currently recruiting