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European Artistic Residency 2024

Published 07 Dec 2023

Twenty years after becoming European Capital of Culture in 2004, the City of Lille has set itself the challenge of becoming a European Capital of Sustainable Culture in 2024. The municipality is committed to supporting the cultural sector's transition towards greater respect for the environment, social justice and inclusion.

This commitment has resulted in the adoption of a dedicated strategy, and the launch of a European and international Call to Action. This Call, structured around 16 priorities for a less carbon-intensive and more inclusive culture, has so far attracted the commitment of more than 30 European cities. The city of Lille is implementing these 16 priorities in its local action plan. Maintaining and developing cultural and artistic diversity is an integral part of this.

Diversity is a fundamental part of Lille's cultural life. It is one of the riches of this city, which has been at the heart of Europe and migratory routes for several centuries. Lille is undeniably a welcoming and attractive city, enriched by the cultures its residents bring with them. It is also a city with an international outlook, with 15 active twinning links and numerous friendships with cities in Europe, North and West Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

In this context, the City of Lille is keen to develop artistic and cultural exchanges with other countries, particularly with its twin cities, and to take part in international projects involving institutional, cultural and community players and citizens.
The City of Lille, through its Plastic and Visual Arts Centre and its Department of International and Solidarity Affairs, is therefore proposing a European residency in 2024 for experimentation and creation around the challenges of shared sustainable development.

This call for applications is open to plastic and visual artists from the City of Lille's European twin cities.


Call for applications
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Call for applications

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