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Gołuch Wiesław

Professor Wiesław Gołuch

prof. Wiesław Gołuch

Head of the part-time Photography and Multimedia Study Programme in the field of Media Art

Faculty of Graphics and Media Art

Department of Media Art

Studio of Media Communication

Subjects taught

    Inventive Fundamentals of Creation

    Media Communication

    Graphic Design

He graduated from the State Higher School of Visual Arts in Wrocław, majoring in Design in 1974 and Graphic Design in 1976.

Always the same anxiety. A white sheet. It does not matter whether it is A4 size, the shape of a monitor screen, a camera viewfinder. The magic of creating meaning. I don't read books. I read sentences in books. For me, every line, every image is a story. Their place and shape is the effect of thinking. In thought, a construction is created. And it is a process, it is a journey. An orange consists of what is seen and what is inside. I value the latter more. Meanings are free from matter and appear suddenly. I fit "boxes" for them, address them and send them on another journey.

Awards and scholarships

2009 – Distinction at the 4th International Drawing Competition, Wrocław 2009

1983 – Second Award in the Polnische Kunstler Heute poster competition, Landau, FRG

1981 – First Award in the Best Poster of Wrocław competition

1981 – Second Award at the 4th International Poster Biennial, Lahti, Finland

1981 – Solidarity Award at the 9th Polish Poster Biennial, Katowice


2015 – On my own account, last individual exhibition, KINO Gallery, the Lower Silesian Film Centre, Wrocław

1979 – Own measure, first individual exhibition, Monada Gallery, Wrocław


2019 – Academic and design conference, Borders of art, non-art and anti-art in communication, lecture: Art seeks – or what can be lost and what can be found, IDiKS University of Wrocław, Silver Mountain

2017 – Conference Cieszyn 2.0 Visibility – Communication – Culture with the leading theme: Contexts of visual communication, lecture: Contexts and meanings, IDiKS University of Wrocław and Institute of Art at the Silesian University, Cieszyn

2015 – International Academic Conference When Freedom? Freedom as object and categories of description of the contemporary world, lecture and presentation of works: Dialogue with Freedom, IDiKS University of Wrocław


2020 – Persuasion, or use the hammer in an ethical way, published by Extended Image, Department of Media Art, Academy of Art and Design, Wrocław

2016 – Creative deviation from the norm, published by Moved Image, Department of Media Art, Academy of Art and Design, Wrocław

1999 – The Poster Kingdom Poland / The King of Poster, presentation of works, Ogaki Poster Museum, Ogaki, Japan 1999-2000

1988 – World Graphic Design Now 1 Posters, presentation of works, Kodansha, Japan

1986 – Intellect, experience, intuition, Project no. 171/6/86