Address: Plac Polski ¾, 50-156 Wrocław

Room 217, II floor

From 16 March 2020 until further notice, due to the change in the mode of work at our university, our office remains closed. However, we work remotely and invite you to contact us by e-mail and telephone between 9:00 and 14:00 tel. +48 71 34 380 31 ext. 311 or 515 427 608.


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Range of activities

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Aleksandra Zaczek-Gbiorczyk, MA
Head of the IRPD; organisation of the events related to the promotion of the Academy in Wrocław, i.a. Open Doors

+48 71 34 380 31 ext. 239;

cell: 515 427 608

Kinga Bacewicz, MA

implementation and coordination of government programmes (including NAWA), exchange of employees within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme

+48 71 34 380 31 ext. 232

Sarah Epping, MA

the American accreditation of The National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)

+48 71 34 380 31 ext. 311

Anna Kida, MA

exchange of students and employees within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme and bilateral agreements

+48 71 34 380 31 ext. 232

Paulina Zaweracz, MA

interdisciplinary Master's and PhD studies in English, programmes: Artistic Residence, Visiting Professor, Master Courses, coordination of the university’s membership in international associations

+48 71 34 380 31 ext. 311


- Erasmus+: Mon.-Thu. 11.00 – 14.00                          Fri. CLOSED

- Studies in English: Mon./Tue./Thu./Fri. 11.00-14.00    Wed. CLOSED

The International Relations and Promotion Department at the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław organizes and coordinates activities related to the Academy's cooperation with more than eighty foreign art universities, scientific and cultural institutions. These activities include, among others: exchange of students and employees, primarily within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, organization of workshops and internships, or assistance in organizing exhibitions and other artistic events with the participation of guests from abroad.

From 2018, the Department also recruits foreign students for interdisciplinary Master's and PhD programmes in English. In the academic year 2018/2019, we recruited 24 students from all corners of the world (12 for Master's studies and 12 for doctoral studies). This (so-far) pilot programme will be an inseparable part of our permanent educational offer and will be a milestone on the path to internationalization of education at our university (in accordance with the assumptions of the latest legislative changes in the light of Act 2.0).

A very important task that the office and the entire Academy are facing is the application for accreditation of the American institution – the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD - The accreditation of this prestigious American institution will contribute to the internationalization of education at our Academy, opening to other cultural patterns, or drawing inspiration from cultural and geographical diversity. Our motivation is to adapt to the highest world, not only European, standards.