Information and Documentation Centre of the Academy of Fine Arts

The Library and the Information and Documentation Centre are the basis for a uniform school library and infor-mation system. They fulfil the function of a generally accessible library and a centre for artistic and scientific information. And they form a link in the national library network and academic information exchange.

The library collections include about 14 thousand books, 1,000 magazine volumes and 3,700 catalogues from Polish and foreign exhibitions. Some valuable, not easily available and unique items can be found among them. Among the more interesting items are some that deserve particular attention such as a ten volume encyclopaedia of Visual of Art, a more than ten volume art history series in German published in 1927 by Propylaen Berlin, a more than ten volume edition of "Skiry" in French which is about the more important art movements and artists, a fifteen volume Encyclopaedia of World Art and many others.

The library makes its collections of books and magazines available all year round. Six hundred readers a month use the library services. The reading room provides specialist artistic magazines national and foreign, such as Art in America, Artnews, Ceramics, Design, Domus, Form, Graphics, Kunstforum, or Neues Glass among others.

The information and documentation centre collects, documents and makes available school bibliographical materials and propagates information about the lives and artistic achievements of its educators, students and graduates (bound publications, exhibition catalogues, continual publications, publications from magazines etc.). It develops and promotes information signalling artistic events in Poland and worldwide for the purposes of the school and artistic circles in Lower Silesia.

The centre co-operates with prominent national museums and galleries by exchanging information and publications dealing with the more important artistic events. The centre produces graphic reproductions in the scope referred to above, for the purposes of the library as well as with regard to materials requested by educators, students and the public.