Institute of Foreign Languages

Head: Beata Ludwiczak, PhD:
The Foreign Language Institute offers courses of four foreign languages: English, German, French and Spanish for the full-time students. The courses are a continuation of the study begun in schools prior to the academic studies. Each student selects one course.

Students of particular majors receive a different number of lessons within their course:

-  Graphics, Media Art, Conservation and Restoration of Artworks: 1st year: 4 lessons a week; 2nd year: 4 lessons a week

- Painting and Sculpture: 1st year: 4 lessons a week; 2nd year: 2 lessons a week

- Art Mediation: 1st year: 4 lessons a week; 2nd year: 2 lessons a week

- Interior Architecture, Design, Ceramics and Glass: 1st year: 2 lessons a week; 2nd year: 2 lessons a week

Each lesson lasts 45min

The aim of instruction is to develop the language skills with special emphasis put on the character of the Academy, to use the language of art and read professional literature as well as to use foreign language in the future job. These goals are going to be realized depending on the numbers of lessons specified by the Departments.

Students of the 1st year choose a language course at an information meeting with their deans, at the beginning of October.

After 1st, 2nd or 3rd semester it is not possible to change the selected language coarse.

International students wishing to improve their language skills are invited to join one of the groups (their acceptance depends on the availability of places in a group). Please inform the Student Exchange Coordinator about your intention.

The classes are located in: Łącznik  ul. Garncarska (1st floor), as well as rooms: 206P, 304M, 305M and  306M.

Remember! Learning a foreign language requires systematic, regular work!