Faculty of Painting and Sculpture

The Faculty of Painting and Sculpture educates students in painting, drawing and sculpture. Studies covering the group of majors, supported by knowledge acquired in the Institute of History of Art and Philosophy, the Institute of Foreign Languages and numerous optional studios ensure the comprehensive preparation of a young prospective artist for future creative and professional activity. The faculty is represented by two departments, the Painting Department and the Sculpture Department.
The didactic programme in the Painting Department within the scope of painting and drawing, is implemented in nine studios that prepare students for a final diploma. The Studio for Designing of Painting in Architecture and Town Planning is based on the difficulties of integrating painting activities with interdisciplinary plastic art projects in the urban landscape. The Institute of Painting Technique and Technology, and Ceramic Technique and Technology in Painting together with laboratories, enable students to realise their personal concepts of painting in different selected techniques.
The core of the Sculpture Department is composed of eight sculpture studios including five which prepare for a final diploma. Various sculptural projects are completed in the Institute of Sculpture Techniques which is composed of several workshops: casting, stonework, ceramic techniques and technologies in sculpture, and stuccowork.

At the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture a five year program of Master's Degree night studies has been established and is paid for by the students. These classes are predominantly addressed to candidates who have passed their competitive entrance exam in any of the Academies of Fine Art in Poland, but who, due to their low place on the list of exam results have not been admitted to daytime studies. Candidates meeting the required criteria for beginning studies at AFA may seek admittance. A special Qualification Committee decides on their acceptance.