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Juice (www.juice.pl) – a full-service Visual Effects & Sound Studio with strong branches in VFX, animation & design.

Juice blends dreamers, visionaries, idea people, and master craftsmen and women to create just the right ecosystem. We implant it with a variety of seeds from every moving experience—long, short, TV, and feature—and care for it until they are ready to sprout. Teams of writers, artists, audio post producers and production supervisors dot over each delicate creation with skill and passion. We’ve done this a thousand times for BMW, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Nike, Virgin Mobile, Sony Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, and the BBC but it never fails to get our hearts racing whenever an idea finally breaks the barrier between imagination and reality, blooms with a million colors and bears a truly moving fruit. But we don’t stop there. We go back and squeeze out every last drop of eye-popping, thirst quenching, simply good, Juice.

We are currently looking for:
Junior Asset Artists
Junior Layout Artists
Junior Animators

Work location: Wrocław/Poland

Email: jobs@juice.pl

1. Junior Asset Artists
You will:
• combine the skills of a visionary designer, sculptor, and engineer
• collaborate closely with the Art Directors and Lead Modeler to define the vision for non-organic modeling of props, vehicles, and weapons

• hard surface modeling skills
• a working knowledge of Maya/Blender/Max, ZBrush
• polygonal modeling skills
• texture painting ability

Extra points for:
• experience with character/organic modeling
• experience in any art/concept/design role
• props and environment concept drawing skills
• a working knowledge of Substance Painter/Mari

2. Junior Layout Artists
You will be:
• responsible for the staging, blocking, and camera work that makes up the foundation of a successful shot and sequence of shots throughout a film
• create the previsualization sequences and shots for the movie according to the director's guidelines
• create a rough layout, including character animation blocking and camera movement
• create and edit the existing storyboards.

• you are good at creating the previsualization sequences and shots (camera, animation, environment, lighting, editing)
• you know how to frame and have a good understanding of camera work
• you have a very good sense of dynamics
• you have a working knowledge of character animation
• you know how to work with mockups
• you are experienced in staging
• you know how to direct the light (ability to create atmosphere)  

Extra points for:
• experience in storyboarding

3. Junior Animators
You will:
• learn the production of high-quality 3D artwork and animation
• create characters and asset animation
• create layouts (previz) and edits
• shot-blocking and framing

• knowledge of Maya
• great sense of movement & dynamics
• great understanding of the animation and film edit
• delivering on schedule
• ability to work as part of a team
• ability to communicate and to be well-organized

Extra points for:
• working knowledge of 3ds Max
• solid general 3D background & artistic sense
• English

How to apply?
Tell us about yourself and explain why would you like to work at Juice? Why are you good at what you do? Also, please include a link to your personal portfolio and make sure to send us materials/reels as links (Dropbox, drive) or attach them via the provided form.

Please include the following statement to your CV:
I hereby give consent for my personal data included in my application to be processed for the purposes of the recruitment process under the Personal Data Protection Act as of 29 August 1997, consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2002, item 1182 as amended. Apply to the e-mail shown below.

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