Painting Department

Head of Department: ad. Marian Kuczma.

This department provides education within the scope of painting and drawing for students of this major, as well as for students of other majors within the framework of general plastic arts instruction. The department is composed of nine studios which prepare students for a final diploma and includes two studios specialising in educating students of the junior years. In addition to the painting and drawing studios the department includes two institutes, the Studio of Painting Technology and Technique, and the Studio of Ceramic Technology and Technique in Sculpture. An additional Master's Degree studio is the Studio for Designing of Painting in Architecture and Town Planning.
In the studios there are an average 20 to 35 people performing their tasks in painting and drawing. Preliminary instruction focuses on still life, and nude figure drawing from a model. This instruction eventually changes and evolves toward the individual development of artistic awareness. The structure of the studio requires a considerable pedagogical effort from educators and requires an individual approach to each student resulting in very interesting paintings and drawings.
During their studies students participate in outdoor painting sessions and numerous group and individual exhibitions presented in the academy exhibition halls and in many galleries located elsewhere in the city.