Doctoral studies

PhD Degree, part-time program 
conducted in English

Head of the program: prof. Christopher Nowicki

Duration: 6 semesters
Tuition fee: EUR 2500 per semester

The offer is addressed to graduates of Master Degree studies who show exceptional ability and significant artistic or graphic design achievement. The program prepares candidates for a PhD Degree in the field of fine art and graphic design. Classes are held in independent study format. The program prepares candidates for further independent artistic research and provides possibilities for didactic experience. The program executes learning outcomes in the field of:

  • knowledge on the advanced level, corresponding with the artisitic and design activity,
  • skills connected with the methodology of providing these activities,
  • personal and social competence related to the artistic and design activity, the artist’s social role and the academic teacher.

Doctoral studies can be undertaken by a person meeting the requirements specified in article 196 clause 1 of the Polish Higher Education Law, who has the second degree qualifications or is a beneficiary of the “Diamond Grant” programme said in article 187a clause 1 (Journal of Laws of 2005, no. 164, item 1365, as amended). 

Foreigners can take up and pursue doctoral studies in accordance with the requirements set out in article 43 of the Polish Higher Education Law (Journal of Laws of 2005, no. 164, item 1365, as amended) and in the Order of the Minister of Science and Higher Education dated 12 October 2006 on undertaking and pursuing studies and instructive courses by foreigners and on their participation in scientific research and developmental work (Journal of of Laws of 2006, no. 190, item 1406, as amended).

The part-time Doctoral Studies are conducted in English in the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław at the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media Art in the subject field of visual arts and the discipline of fine arts (graphic arts, media art). The limit for admissions in the academic year 2017/2018 is 5 persons.

application for admission to the doctoral studies, specifying the faculty and artistic discipline, in which the candidate intends to study, 

  • application for admission to the doctoral studies, specifying the faculty and artistic discipline, in which the candidate intends to study, 
  • portfolio (artistic/design and scientific and research output - in digital form),
  • proposed subject and scope of the doctoral dissertation,
  • opinion (drawn up by a holder of the Professor or PhD title) containing assessment of the artistic/design and scientific and research output, as well as assessment of the proposed subject and scope of the candidate's doctoral dissertation,
  • CV
  • copy of the personal identity card/passport,
  • copy of a document confirming good command of English at least at B2 level (this does not apply to candidates who come from countries where English is an official language, or those who graduated abroad from a secondary-level school in which English was the language of instruction),
  • graduation diploma showing completion in Poland of the second-cycle studies or long-cycle Master's studies, or a diploma or another document proving graduation from a foreign university level institution authorising the holder to take up third-cycle studies abroad, and in case of the beneficiaries of the Diamond Grant programme - a document confirming achiving the status of a beneficiary. 

NOTE! Foreign university graduation diplomas need to be apostilled. In the case of documents issued in a language other than Polish or English - translations of those documents made by a Polish sworn translator (database of sworn translators:

Enrolments in part-time doctoral studies are carried out by the Enrolment Board established by the Rector. The Enrolment Board consists of three representatives of the organisational unit conducting doctoral studies in English. By way of an Order, the Rector appoints the Board's Chairman, who is authorised to sign administrative decisions issued by the Board, on its behalf.

Before the beginning of the enrollment procedures the Enrollment Board established by the Rector will run an interview on Skype to verify the command of English with the candidates holding required certificates.  

The enrolment procedure is carried out by way of competition. During the enrolment process, the Board familiarises itself with the documentation prepared by the candidate. The artistic/design and scientific and research output, as well as the proposed subject and scope of the doctoral dissertation are evaluated without the candidate's presence, based on the complete set of the electronic documents required. 

The Board evaluates the following enrolment procedure elements:

  • portfolio (artistic/design and scientific and research output) 0-10 points
  • proposed subject and scope of the doctoral dissertation 0-8 points 
  • recommendation 0-8 points

The candidate can score a maximum of 26 points.
A candidate who scored less than 13 points cannot be admitted to doctoral studies.

The score obtained during the enrolment process is decisive for admission to the studies. Based on the existing limits of places, the Enrolment Board takes decisions on admission to the studies of those candidates who obtained the highest score, not to be lower than 13. An appeal to the Rector can be brought against the Enrolment Decision within fourteen days of the decision being received.

The doctoral studies unit provides information and accepts documents of candidates for part-time doctoral studies in English.

The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design

Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media Art
Plac Polski 3/4, 50-156 Wrocław

Printmaking in English Office, Ł3

contact person: Ms Zuzanna Dyrda
mobile: +48 509 900 464
contact by telephone from Mon. to Fri. at 10:00–16:00
personal contact in the Office, having previously made an appointment by telephone or e-mail

Documents filing deadline and time of enrolment procedure

  • 30 June – deadline for sending scanned copies of the documents and a portfolio by e-mail to or server
  • 15 September – the second deadline (only in case of vacancies)
  • 15 July – analysis of the received documents and portfolios and the meetings of the Enrolment Board 

Documents that are incomplete or do not fulfil the conditions set out in point 4 will not be accepted.

All the candidates will be informed of the results by e-mail. The administrative decisions will be sent to the candidates by post.

Persons eligible to study will be obliged to provide the originals of the required documents plus the following:

  • doctor's certificate showing no contraindications to undertake studies in the field of study chosen;
  • insurance policy covering illnesses and accidents over a period of the stay in Poland for educational purposes, or a European Health Insurance Card, or a declaration of admission to the Polish Health Fund (NFZ) immediately upon the begging of the studies;
  • in the case of foreigners from outside the European Union, teh Swiss Confederation or member states of the European Free Trade Association – copy of the visa or permanent residence card entitling the holder to stay in Poland;
  • 3 up-to-date photographs made in accordance with the requirements applicable to identity cards/passports and an electronic photograph ( 300x375 pixels, JPG);

and pay the tuition fee of EUR 5,000 due for the first year of the studies

Payments can be made to the Academy of Art and Design's account:
ING Bank Śląski S.A. o/Wrocław 9310501575-1000000502696594
IBAN PL9310501575-1000000502696594, swift code INGBPLPW

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