Exhibition of Intaglio Workshop in the Gallery Lingua

Exhibition of Intaglio Workshop in the Gallery Lingua

The Gallery Lingua in the Institute of Foreign Languages presents works made over the past ten years by students from the studio of intaglio printing conducted by prof. Przemyslaw Tyszkiewicz and as. tutor .Agata Gertchen.

 The works reveal a wealth of artistic effects which are distinctive for expressions of tonality and linearity of intaglio and relief techniques. They are also evidence of students` individual interests and their artistic sensibility. The authors of the displayed works are former and current full-time students, as well as students of Printmaking in English course and exchange students of the Erasmus +.programme.

Li Xian Ping

Magdalena Włuczkowska 

Oskar Rachwalski

Neneta Attiea Levente

Wojtek Kołacz

Martyna Kostrzycka

Ada Tyburczy

Dorota Błażejowska

Kasia Wojdyła

Katia Zubakhina-Polk

Sarah Epping

Katarzyna Nowak

Malwina Hajduk

Sevgi Ari

Photos: Zofia Dąbrowa


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