3rd to17 th Nov 2016 Budapest

The 'Solstice' exhibition is the sixth event in the international Hallo Wrocław 2016 series, which has continued since 2010 as part of the collaboration between Wrocław artistic circle and visual arts institutions.

The presented works represent various techniques and explore the theme of the exhibition and its broad spectrum. The exhibition addresses not only political and social issues, but also scientific and cognitive, and those connected with composition and form.

Solstice is a borderline moment in which opposing forces suddenly produce a new situation. Therefore it may be associated with destabilisation and change, whereas as a critical point it signifies the time of full mobilisation and intensified effort. On the other hand, the onset of solstice may be accompanied by an increased fatigue and a lack of energy, suggesting an impending fall. 

Social life as well as an individual life undergo constant fluctuations, and crises and 'solstices' lie in its nature. Therefore the theme is poignant and relevant, especially at the time when the world is changing dynamically. Being at the centre of events, we have trouble recognising where we are now, or whether the moment of crisis has just passed or is still ahead of us. It is much easier to look back in time and evaluate a past situation, since we can clearly see its causes and effects. Nevertheless, even considering past and well-defined things is subject to crises in a relentless fight for the rule over people's hearts and minds.



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