FRANZ Rising Star Project

FRANZ Rising Star Project is a scholarship project held by the top porcelain brand in Taiwan – FRANZ Collection Inc. (

The former of FRANZ Rising Star Project was FRANZ AWARD – an international porcelain design competition. We have been holding this competition for 10 years, but after interacting with teachers and students throughout the years, we realized that it’s a pity that most competitions would only encourage the winners (the minorities) and is somewhat unfortunate.

Now, we want to make a greater impact and that’s how FRANZ Rising Star Project was born.

The aim of the project is to ease students’ financial burden, due to the high expenses for making their artworks and pursuing their porcelain design dreams. 100 artworks would be chosen and we would reimburse USD$ 1,000 each for their outstanding performance and hard work, as our token of appreciation.


1.      Must be a current student studying at 2018 or a new 2018 graduate

2.      The artwork must contain at least 50% porcelain/ceramics

Plus, there are no limits to how many artworks you apply!

We would like to invite you to join us in becoming the driving force of these young talents and assist them to realize their dreams. Please assist to share the information with students who are interested through your connections.

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